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It’s April Loves

Hi y’all. Sharing a few pics of my weekend. My roommate is the sweetest she got me those flowers and chocolates. Just checking in on how everyone’s Easter was 🙂 I hope everybody had a wonderful Holiday with family and friends and whoever else. I’m going to be totally honest and let you know I spent mine at home alone mostly. That sounds so depressing haha… Well if my cat counts then I spent it with her lol. My family is in Boston and my moms side of the family is in TN. I could have went to visit them but I will be driving to Tn this Thursday anyways to get on a ✈️ and take my butt to Florida this weekend for a country music festival. If you don’t already follow me on Instagram my insta stories are going to be super wild and fun this weekend just pre warning you. Sunday will be the craziest of all because my all time favorite man will be performing. Yup you guessed it. Eric Church. He is the man. I’ll be celebrating all weekend long and I can’t wait!! Make sure to follow me over on Instagram to get videos of the concert from home! I’m serious! I’m like itching to go so bad I can hardly wait! It’s the Tortuga Music Festival in ft Lauderdale! Check out that line up in the link I provided!! If you are going to be there too let me know!! If not I will definitely let you all know how it is so you can go next year possibly. I think it’s a yearly festival. Actually they just won an award for being the top festival to go to this Summer! Whoop whoop!! I’ll keep you posted loves.

Till next time ❤️


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