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Best Jumper of the Year.

Hi lovely people. I am hooting and hollering over this Tj maxx purchase . The sad part is I can’t link this jumpsuit because I found it on the sale rack at Tj maxx..The good news is that this type of store with this type of clothes exists😍Lol. Have any of you found your favorite pieces of clothing at a department store yet? I have this and one other black top that I absolutely love that I got on a sale rack for less than 20$. I guess that means we can’t ever stop shopping because you never know when that perfect thing is there for you to spot, try on, and buy. If you have an awesome random find like this jumpsuit was for me let me know! It will inspire me to shop more than I already do! Haha. Which I don’t need but I do need 😋

I hope all of you wonderful peeps have an awesome weekend and awesome 🐰Easter🐰. I won’t be spending Easter with my family this year. (I know sad right) but they are on the other side of the world right now in MA so I’ll be spending my Easter with my roommate 🙂 any ideas for us?? I’m thinking about making my favorite beef tips meal that my mom always used to make. Plus I’ll feel a little bit like I’m at home with that meal so that will be nice. I could totally let you in on the recipe too because its the best meal EVER. Not trying to be biased because it’s a “my moms” recipe but it’s soo good and filling. Perfect for families. Let me know in the comments if you want me to share the recipe. 💕☺️💕☺️💕☺️💕 Happy Saturday. Till next time bunnies 🙂


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