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Striped Dresses and Boots

Y’all I am freaking out. There is snowwwwww in North Carolina. I woke up this morning and called and texted my family letting them know how happy I was to see snow finally.  I knew it was supposed to snow overnight but there is so much! Like SO much. & it just keeps coming down. I have enough food stocked in the cabinets so I say keep snowing!! Lol. I’ve already had my hot chocolate, pancakes, and bacon for the morning so I’m set. Bring on this snow day. ( If you didn’t already know… I’m obsessed with hot chocolate) like that matters…but anyways This post is kind of late and I’m sorry for that but I’ve been slammed at work downtown; losing an employee, and decorating for Christmas. Also I got super glued to Stranger things and re-watched it because why not? So again I do apologize for not posting sooner.

I hope you all are having a great Friday and if it is snowing by you then make sure to let me know 🙂 I’m definitely going to take some pictures later. I wish these pics I’m sharing today has snow but oh well.  Snow pictures for Instagram/blogs/Facebook are perfect so make sure to follow that advice and snap a photo if you get snow. A while ago I told you guys that I did a photoshoot with a local photographer in Asheville. We had a blast shooting downtown. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing those photos as outfit posts and favorite posts. I really enjoy wearing dresses with thigh high boots (even in the snow) haha. A little cold never hurt anyone. 😛 I will link my entire outfit below best I can. Please guys let me know if you enjoy these outfit posts by me and what you want me to talk about next ❤ I have some ideas but I want your opinions.

outfit deets

I can’t find my exact dress because I got it in store, but any dress at Altar’d State you can’t go wrong with. A lot of times they have deals where if you buy one full price you will get the other one half off. Also got my scarf there. Buy 2 for $25

Boots – I don’t believe you can shop on the website but Ross Dress for Less Department Store is always a hit or miss store, but I love that about it. Cause on days I know I shouldn’t buy anything I don’t find anything anyways. I was lucky to stumble upon these at Ross because they were cheap, and I receive so many compliments on them (: Can’t go wrong with OTK boots. I have another pair on my Christmas list.

Rings and Jewelry – Alex and Ani is a perfect store to buy from for the Holidays. Cheap but very well designed crafted jewelry that makes a huge statement. Great for teens and moms. There is something for everyone. Rings I have from them are here —-> pathoflifeeros arrow ring starfish 

Thanks for reading. xoxoxo, Cas

Blogging in Asheville.

Photo cred by Sarah Hooker @ Sarahhooker.com she does an amazing job ! !

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