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Pocket Dresses Trend

 I think this is the slowest Wednesday I could possibly be experiencing. I have had no sales today and I’m just searching the internet like a crazy person for things I want to buy but can’t afford ATM. I hope your Wednesday is going better than mine ha-ha. On a good note I am listening to Christmas music as I write this post. I feel like time is just flying by! Bring back Thanksgiving and all the yummy home cooked meals! Today has been rather slow at work like I said so I wanted to share a post with you all about the pocket dress trend! Did you guys follow/ like this trend or own anything similar? I swear I have like 10 different pieces in my closet with front pockets. I just love the way it looks and I still wear it because I think it will always be in style.

 I have linked below a few of my favorite pieces and some that I already own so if you to have this front pocket obsession I highly suggest you check these out, and they are on MAJOR Sale right now! I love to pair these with scarves and OTK boots for a winter feel. You can also wear them with leggings or jeans and just have that long top effect going on. Any way you style these dresses works and that’s why they are so awesome. I can have them year round in the closet and have somewhere to put my hands when they get cold (:

Ruffle Sleeve T shirt Dress

Main Image - Ruffle Sleeve T-Shirt Dress

Michael Stard Plaid Shirtdress

Main Image - Michael Stars Plaid Shirtdress

Ruffle Sleeve Drop Shoulder Shift Dress

Main Image - Two by Vince Camuto Ruffle Sleeve Drop Shoulder Shift Dress

Slinky T-Shirt Dress With Pockets

Wine Pocket Dress

15 thoughts on “Pocket Dresses Trend”

  1. I actually purchased a black sweat dress from Walmart a few years back that has the front pockets & came with a black & white scarf which is super cozy, but it’s short sleeves so I barely wore it, but this year I have some grey long arm gloves with the fingers cut out so now I can wear it and keep my arms warmer than before!! ♥

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  2. It sucks when you can only browse, right? I have been eyeing so many things in the stores — tizzy with longing but well sometimes you have got to just look and sigh. The third one is particularly lovely.

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