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Statement in Red

Feeling sassy in my RED as it gears closer to turkey time. I’m so ready to stuff my face, lol. I really look forward to the Holidays now even more because I’m away from my family most of the time now. It will be so nice to cook different recipes with my fam and enjoy the company. If you have no plans come to TN, we would be happy to have guests being that it’s just us this year. Normally we all go to my Nana’s house and there is about 20-30 people there but we narrowed that number down to just four this year. More leftovers is the only positive thing I can think of. I will miss everyone else this year 😦

Well to wrap it up I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving with family and friends. Oh and one more thing! I am SO thankful for loyal awesome followers on my blog ! Thanks for reading!

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