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Modeling For a Local Boutique

Hey everyone,

I’m all sorts of emotions this week! happy, sad, confused, hurt, excited, nervous…literally name them all and I’m feeling it. Lets start sappy and sad and then before the end of this I promise it will be positive and full of good vibes. I’m in a great place in my life right now but something tragic happened. A break up. I’m not going into details with everything but Chris and I are no longer together. It’s for the best for the both of us for now and maybe for good. I’m leaving that at that. (please no sorry comments) and sorry if that sounded rude I just rather not be reminded about it and move on (: Again if you are a first time reader or a lovely blogging friend I just want to remind ya’ll that my blog is about my life completely. I don’t sugar coat and I won’t fib or lie to make myself sound better or something. So just know that.

On to a positive note I did some part time modeling for a great friend and Owner of Papillon Apparel Boutique in downtown Asheville.  Let me know what you think?! It is a hippy bohemian flare and she keeps the cutest styles stocked in her store. (seriously all of the stuff I’ve never seen elsewhere) I am so proud of her and thankful! Make sure to go check her out on Instagram here! You rock KATIE! and check my post out here, hehe.

moving onnnn. I’m feelin’ 22 now, I should change my tagline or whatever they call that thing.  My birthday was 2 days ago and I had a wonderful time celebrating downtown with friends but guys I am a day away from going on a CRUISE with my family. I cannot wait! That’s where my nervous and excited emotions are coming from but I couldn’t be more thankful and excited for this trip. Of course I will take tons of pictures and come back hopefully TAN and with another post! Any love, prayers, and good vibes sent this way are greatly appreciated. You all are so amazing and I’m so thankful you enjoy reading my blog. I am reaching 600 followers! What a dream come true! Again thank you as always for stopping by. See you soon!

xoxoxo, Cas.

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23 thoughts on “Modeling For a Local Boutique”

  1. That trip sounds awesome!!! I’m sure you’re going to have an amazing time, and make some memories!!! I love your modeling picture! The Bohemian style is definitely a comfy, laid back style, all the reasons why I love it.

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  2. Happy Birthday Blessings to you and Bon voyage Cassie, how thrilling! Is this your first cruise? We love ‘cruising’ with family,so much fun for everyone and great way to get everyone together. That forest green crochet dress is darling. How sweet of her. wow, 600, bravo! Sending lots {{{{good vibes }}}} your way. ~cheers

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