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Things I love|2017

This post is very different and random being that it was not planned. I haven’t been that busy doing much so this type of post came to mind. When you comment below I would be interested to know what your loving as well!!

So I’ll start!

My kitty Thunder. She keeps me on my toes and is the greatest cuddle buddy. She listens and is starting to learn her name. She’s my little gymnast. She intertwines around everything and is very brave. She also loves empty boxes as well. She doesn’t like when I sneak up behind her (accidentally) and she doesn’t like being held when she is in a playful mood. Soon enough we will be moving to a bigger place and I think she will do very well with the move..I just hope she doesn’t get lost! (more about the move in a later post) (:

The Netflix series One Tree Hill. I remember starting OTH like a long time ago but never was close to finishing it. Now I’m on season 8 and I almost can’t wait for it to end because I’m so obsessed. At night I watch one right after another and eventually its 2 am and I’m forcing myself to turn it off. For those of you unfamiliar with the show its about a group of 20- something year old growing up in Tree Hill trying to keep dreams alive and friendships intact and going through every stage of life. The good and the bad. It can be a bit dramatic at times but that’s honestly what sucks me in. It’s very good! It reminds me of those movies you don’t want to end. This just keeps going and every episode is interesting.

Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked Ice Cream. I can’t stop eating this! I know I’ve said Halo Top is good and it is. (and it’s better for you) but I LOVE this flavor B&J came out with. Half Baked is chocolate and vanilla ice cream with gobs of cookie dough and chunks of fudge brownies. CAN YOU SAY YUM. I have some in my freezer right now and will be having a snack later tonight, lol. I bet you want some now too.

Wearing my hair half up/half down. I didn’t have an ideal pic for this one. I wish this wasn’t one sometimes but I’ve realized I can’t go to long in the day without putting my hair up. My hair is at an awkward WONT GROW stage so when I wear it this way I feel like it looks better. The front of my hair is shorter then the back so when I put it up it looks one length, which I like a lot better!

Finding a good skin care brand. I am most obsessed with this one, I think. I have spent enough money on trying to see what my face wants/needs. I just want it to be soft, acne free, and free of baggy eyes. Is that to much to ask for? LOL. I did find Mario Badescu to be a good brand but I’ve been cheating and just using Simple facial wipes to take my makeup off at night because of laziness, but my face is telling me different things all the time. Sometimes I use something that works really well and I forget what it was I used and then I’ll use something else and it will still be fine and then a week later I break out. I love you skin (: (sarcasticly)

That’s a few I can think of off the top of my head. One question bloggers! Please comment below your favorite acne mask you’ve used! I am in dire need. Also feel free to let me know what you love! Happy Wednesday! How cool was that Eclipse by the way?!


xoxoxo, Cas

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26 thoughts on “Things I love|2017”

  1. Oh my god Thunder is SO cute! You’re making me want to get another kitten haha. Also for breakouts and acne prone skin I would highly recommend The Body Shop’s Tea Tree range, I get hardly any breakouts using their toner everyday 🙂

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  2. Awww, how precious is that little kitty! My cat is currently in the dog house because she scratched up a pair of my suede boots last night but I suppose I still love her. lol. I tried to getting into One Tree Hill earlier this year and stopped at season 2 because at that moment I hated everyone and felt like I had no one to root for….lol. Maybe I’ll pick it back up later! My favorite acne mask is the Therapeutic Sulfur Masque from Peter Thomas Roth. And yes, the eclipse was awesome! We went up to my boyfriend’s parents house and watched it. They had 100% totality and it was pretty sweet! xo

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    1. Britt! Thanks so much for reading! I hope your kitty is doing better! Sorry about your boots 😦 I would be pretty upset as well but she didn’t mean it, right? Aww! And the show isn’t for everyone haha. I felt the same way seriously but now that I’m so deep into the seasons I can’t stop watching it ! Thanks for the recommendation of a mask to use! I’ll keep this one in mind for sure! I bet the eclipse was a sight to see where you were! I was actually stuck at work Monday but I had borrowed glasses and still got to see it!!

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      1. I totally understand being so sucked in to a show that you just can’t stop! lol. And the eclipse was definitely a sight to be seen! That’s a bummer that you had to work but I’m glad that you were able to sneak away and see it! xo

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    2. Brittney, I’m not a big fan of season 2 for that reason. I especially hated Haley that season! You should try to give it another go though as it does get better after that and characters redeem themselves (mostly).

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  3. I love half up-half down hairstyles! I have never watched OTH. I remember always seeing it being advertised and thought it looked good, but for some reason I never got round to watching. I love when Netflix shows old films and T.V programs.

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  4. You’re kitty is so cute!
    I occasionally get blemishes and the best mask I’ve used is the Lush Mask of Magnaminty! The Body Shop Tea Tree 3 in 1 Wash Scrub Mask as well as the Montagne Jeunesse Blemish Mud Mask are great too!

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