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Hey readers! If you follow my blog you know that I’m on my way to MS to vacation to go see Chris. Again if this is your first time reading my posts Chris is in the Navy and we have a long distance relationship. There is a lot of hardships and struggles. All my military wives and girlfriends where you at?! You know what I’m talking about 🤗 but I wouldn’t change it or him for the world. He has recently been upset because all I do is blog now lol. Oh well, get over it! (He will)  Ha ha he told me to write about him the other day and I told him it wouldn’t be interesting enough to just say I’m going to MS to see my man, but here I am writing about it..lol. Jokes on me. That’s all I honestly have for today. Not much going on just working and after today I will be packing my bags and driving 8 hours. (Dreading that already) so worth it though! Will you all be interested in pics and stories about my time there? I’m thinking I won’t be blogging while I’m visiting him so I’ll probably have a post when I get back about our trip! What do you think?let me know 💕 thanks for reading

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25 thoughts on “Vacay! ”

  1. That’s so romantic! Hope you have a lovely time together. Also thank you for your comment on my blog, have followed you on Instagram 🙂 x

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