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Vital Proteins Smoothie

Wondering why I said “smooooothies” like that???  well while writing this post I was thinking about July 11. What happens on that particular day? If you dress up as a cow and go to any chick fil a you will get free food! 😋 free food and I’m in! So don’t forget your black dots and cow bells! Totally changing the subject now haha. I am on a smoothie kick! Like one I’ve never been on before. I have a smoothie I make at home each morning and it’s the best thing ever, I think. Any smoothie will work and in fact I have my favorite smooth recipe ever here ➡️ My Favorite Smoothie Recipe but this is another one. Yay!

Simple Banana and PB smoothie.

All you need is 2 bananas, 2 spoonfuls of peanut butter, ice, and milk. I have also included my marine collagen powder I got in my fff box! I can’t taste it at all! I’m excited to see how that works!

& now I’m off to work to start my day! Bye readers! Happy Sunday and happy brunch day! ☀️💜 any smoothie recipes you can offer me to try? I roll with the simple ones when I have more then 10 ingredients it gets wayyyy to complicated. I’d be happy to hear about them! I’ll also let you know how my vital proteins are working!

xoxoxo Cas.

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9 thoughts on “Vital Proteins Smoothie”

  1. Ahh I love a smoothie and what an amazing recipe 😁 I’m loving the pink shaker too, I really need a new one 😩
    Great post! Xx

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