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No heat on my hair for JUNE.

This is probably the scariest thing I have started. Why?My hair needs a straightener every day and sometimes after I straighten it I am then guilty of curling it with my wand O lordy. But, lets be honest I was not leaving my house without my hair straight or curled no matter what! My poor hair was suffering and I would get mad if it was frizzy and unmanageable but HELLO I was frying it.(also.. did I include that I never used heat protectant) someone slap me lol.

Well here is my update:

I am on DAY 6 with no heat on my hair and I am serious NONE! How am I managing? Well that’s what I’m writing this blog post for (:

I’m not going to lie its HARD you may not understand but my hair is very very hard to deal with. It’s naturally curly/frizzy and I have used every color dye on it since high school. So I’m sure you can only imagine right? I have committed to this though and I’m quite proud I made it this far.

Here is a list of things I have done step by step since my hair disaster and I have noticed a small difference already!

~ I am committed to getting a trim every 8 weeks at the salon.

~I only wash my hair when it gets to a point I need too.

~In the shower I take my rings off now and wash my hair. If you wear a lot of rings I do recommend this because your hair is most fragile when wet and the rings pull your hair and cause split ends up by your roots! NO!

~I use KERATIN infused shampoo and conditioner but I don’t just stick to one brand I try a lot of different types and I mix them up sometimes.

~I do a hair mask every Wednesday. Why Wednesday? Cause why not! I haven’t found my favorite hair mask yet but I do like the Aussie 3 minute miracle so far but I think I’m going to try the AG hair mask soon. ( another blog post review in the future)

~After I shower I religiously put in Not Your Mother’s Leave In Conditioner and COMB through it and put it in a braid!

Image result for not your mother's leave in                                                           I LOVE THIS STUFF^^^^

~ I do not blow dry my hair hardly EVER I shower at night after work and sleep in my braid and let it air dry.

~ Also every night I take a hair skin and nails gummy vitamin before bed.

So that’s what my routine has been for the past week

The hardest part obviously for me is the morning after when my hair is dry and curly and a little frizzy. I feel obligated to put heat on it to “tame the mane” but not for the past 6 days NOPE..Instead I have been throwing some argon oil (just a little) in it and  re- braiding it and just wearing it like that or throwing it in a side bun. My hair will thank me in July! lol

SO any tips or tricks I can include that y’all would like to share would be cool or if anyone wants to join in on the no heat JUNE!(a little late but SO)

with love from me and my very happy locks right now.

Thanks for the read. xoxoxo Cas.



31 thoughts on “No heat on my hair for JUNE.”

    1. I’m a cosmetologist student and that’s actually false. Washing your hair too much is going to strip your hair of the natural oil your scalp produces, causing your hair to get greasy cause it’s over producing cause you are stripping your hair of its natural oils

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      1. I’m glad this was brought up. I always try to go as long as I can without washing too b/c well, it’s better to not wash all of the time. But, my hair is super oily. What you said makes a lot of sense. My question is, how long does it take for your hair to get used to not being washed as often and quit producing so much oil? By day 2/3 I am sooo oily and it’s hard to go any longer. But, I’ve started using dry shampoo so that helps.

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      2. My hair used to be super oily too cause I would wash everyday. Well I started out to every other day for about a month then I would go every two day and so on. I can go about every 4 days now with no dry shampoo and my hair looks fine! While my hair was getting used to it I would use dry shampoo tho. But now I don’t even need that. And if you use oil on your hair use it on the ends only!!!

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  1. This post was so funny!! lol I’m doing the same thing! I’m the same as you with having to style my hair before I go out! I wash my hair every 3 to 4 days I use the inversion method once a month as well as my hair skin and nail vitamins I don’t brush my hair when wet unless it’s with the wet brush. I don’t cut my hair, haven’t in a year. I don’t brush it to often either cause it can cause breakage. I don’t use a hair tie often either unless I have to like going to the gym! I’ve embraced my curly hair lol. They make a not your mother’s like salt spray I think for beach waves and you just spray it on wet hair it’s amazing! Oh I only use shampoo that vegan, sulfate free, no dye to it and no pharabens either and only in my scalp! And a hair mask or conditioner on my ends only!! It’s hard but I’ve been doing this since May but in may i would only do my hair on weekends if I went out. I have noticed a huge difference already

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    1. These tips are amazing. Sea salt spray! WHAT why haven’t I seen this. I just want to spray that in my hair right now and close my eyes and pretend I’m at the beach hahaa. Thank you so much Meg!

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      1. I had a sample bottle in my dungeon of not used beauty samples that I buy because I can’t help myself. I will start using this..lol and going through all of my old but good stuff! (: thanks!

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  2. Great hair tips! I’ve been trying to grow my hair out but it always takes so long. I’ve read places that it’s bad to wash your hair everyday but I’m guilty of that considering my hair always gets super gross if I don’t wash it!

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