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10 facts about me and why I started a blog. 

I know a lot of bloggers have similar posts and it inspired me to write my version! So here goes nothing.

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Here are 10 facts about myself and later I’ll tell you why I started a blog.

  1. My full name is actually Cassandra but I like to go by Cassie or Cas.
  2. I am a hardcore giraffe and cat lover  and will be adopting one soon. You all will know about it when I do 🙂 (adopting a cat obviously) 😋
  3. My family owns a business called Pepper Palace and I moved to Asheville, NC recently to open one. I know everything you would want to know about peppers, spice, and sauce, but it definitely takes up most of my time. (I might make a post about it sometime)
  4. I want to own my own boutique one day and serve wine. Is there anything better then shopping and drinking wine? I’ll answer that for you. NO! Lol but recently I’ve been loving the blogging scene. I’m really interested in posting and reading yall’s posts! I might be a little obsessed. Haha
  5. I have traveled just about everywhere in the United States and a few Countries. I am very thankful! Thanks mom and dad👍
  6. If I’m in “chill mode” I have to have a cozy soft big blanket at all times.
  7. I’m obsessed with taking excruciating hot baths! Or the hot tub
  8. I love to cook complicated meals.  Favorite recipe of mine would be stuffed mushrooms. (Another blog post in the works)
  9. I am deathly afraid of amusement rides. Always have been.☹️
  10. I have a boyfriend Chris that I’ve been dating for two years. He is in the Military so we do the long distance thing. Being 500 miles away from him is hard but we make it work!


My first initial reason I started my blog is well because it’s fun. I know that isn’t a big cool story that you might have been hoping for but I truly enjoy it and I can’t wait for the future. I didn’t think anything of it when I joined… A few of my friends blogged, but to me they seemed like professionals (they are) lol but as small as I am right now with my blog  I enjoy posting and sharing my tips, recipes, adventures, foodie spots, and whatever else I decide to add later on with all of you. I never understood how to blog or what all it took, but I am so happy I did start it up. I feel like I have done a pretty good job so far, idk! I am mildly obsessed with reading everyone else’s posts and being apart of the wonderful blogging community. I hope to make a lot of friends doing this and I love that I’ve already reached 70 followers in a matter of a few days! That’s awesome!

So that’s it for me today! Hope y’all have an awesome weekend!! & always Happy Blogging (:

Thank you for reading xoxoxo, Cas.

20 thoughts on “10 facts about me and why I started a blog. ”

  1. Nice getting to know you Cassie a little by reading this 🙂 I love love cats too! (And giraffes are pretty cool as well XD ) Owning a boutique would be so much fun! Anyways this was a lovely post xx

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  2. I was so nervous for my first post- I’m not sure why, I was totally overthinking the whole thing! Now I’m just trying to figure out how this all works, I want to get connected with other bloggers and get my blog out there- I’m sure you’re thinking the same thing!

    Good luck!

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  3. You sound like my EXACT kind of person Cas!! 😊 I’d love to hear more about your travels – and life in Tennessee in general. I’m pretty obsessed with the idea of going to the Southern parts of the USA, but I haven’t been lucky enough to go yet! Xxxx

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    1. Aww! So cool! I’m happy to share my blog with you and I’m so glad you liked my post. Consider us friends . 💕 I am from Tn but I live in NC currently. Still pretty southern though lol. You need to go when you get a chance. Lots of fun things to do!!

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    1. If I could do that in today’s times I would already have 2! Haha! I don’t think they would fit in my apartment real well. I would need baby giraffes. How awesome would that be? 😆 thanks girl for the read!

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  4. Oh my gosh, I would love it if my family business was peppers and spices! I can’t get enough chilli. I also take almost painfully hot baths 😂 they’re the best!

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