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Best Bloody Mary Spot + Recipe

I Brunch,you brunch, we brunch!!

Nothing says brunch like a Bloody Mary Bar 😍 The Southern downtown Asheville does it right. Best drink specials and brunch I’ve had in a while. If you ever find yourself in Asheville this is a hot spot. Sundays from 12-3 you will probably find me here. Did I mention they are $5.00!! Just look at all the stuff that you can put into your bloody!

Below is my guide to a perfect bloody!


The best Bloody Mary recipe for me 🙂 It’s not all about the mix it’s what you put in after. Also I would like to thank a friend for joining and trying her first Bloody today! She loved it of course!
*Recipe here


-zing zang(or any mix you like) I do recommend Most Excellent Bloody Mary Mix by PEPPER PALACE

-HOT SAUCE… I love Cholula in mine and lots of it


-celery stick

-a dash of worstershire

-capers with the juice

-half a teaspoon of horseradish

-Salt and lots of pepper

-Squeezed lime and lemon

It was ahhhmazing! 🔥🔥

Comment below anything extra you would add 😛😛😛

Xoxoxo thanks for reading


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