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Blackened shrimp pasta


Okay guys! I’m back. It’s only my 1st  recipe post but gotta start somewhere, right? To keep you updated I just moved to Mississippi with my boyfriend and we have an apartment and I’m laying in our bedroom right now. I’d say we are pretty blessed! Money is sooo tight right now though like for real you might know what I’m talking about. . We live off Mac and cheese and corn dogs (yay) (yum) haa made you laugh.. No but that’s true 😭 BUT starting out I had to make something good so I found this recipe online and only spend 12$ to make this! We had it for dinner and lunch the next afternoon. We are so smart(my idea) ok in all reality and truthfulness he ate the left overs as a midnight snack 😱 whyyyyyy!! Boys eat way to much to even have a budget. If you think my story is funny you should make this and share my story with the people you make it for. Post a picture of it in the comments. I’m so happy. Ok. Here it is.

Blackened shrimp pasta!

Link: http://www.budgetbytes.com/2016/03/blackened-shrimp-pasta/

Tell me if you love it! We sure did! We ate it ALL. Well he did 💩

Thanks for reading xx

Talk soon✍

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